E:mortal Home Studio

Here's a nightshot of the studio. Virus C in the middle below the screen, to the left is a Korg Kaosspad2 for effects.
To the right of the Virus is a guitar amp, the Line6 Pod XT. Below the Virus are three rack units. AMT8 for midi interface,
below that is a TC electronic D-TWO delay unit and at the bottom I have the Yamaha MOTIF ES unit.
Right of the three rack units I have the Native Instruments KORE, that I use for controlling everything.
Left of this I have a Mackie Onyx 1220 mixer that I use as a submixer for my soundcard, the EMU 1820m.
Hidden in the darkness behind the main apple cinema 20" wide screen I have a pair of Genelec 8040A monitors.


Here's a shot placed just above my Nordlead 3 synthesizer that overlooks my main work area. Above this synth is
my new Roland JP-8000, works wonders with energetic leads.


Here's a shot overlooking the whole homestudio. Hidden in the dark above where the lava lamp is are two
synths, a Waldorf Micro Q and Novation Supernova. Also, hidden in the dark below the synths is a
Fender Stratocaster that I rarely play. However I plan to make more use of it ;o)


On the other side of the room is my chillout corner, with a nice comfy couch that isnt on the pic.
The big box with the round blue led is a airconditioner that keeps the room cool, great for hot summers.
To the right is my samsung 32" lcd tv that I have hooked my xbox360 and Sony Playstation2 in.
I also will be adding a nice Red Bull minifridge in the left corner where I'll keep some
Red Bull, vodka and beers, great for inspiration ;o)


Here I'm sitting in the couch with a beer in my hand, just about to play some xbox360 with my friends. :o)


Here's a kitlist for those insterested:

Pentium4 3.2ghz PC
Novation Supernova
Waldorf Micro Q
Korg Kaosspad2
Access Virus C
Line6 Pod XT
EMU 1820m
AMT8 midi interface
TC Electronic D-TWO
Native Instruments KORE
Mackie Onyx 1220
Roland JP-8000
Clavia Nordlead3
Genelec 8040A
TC Electronic Powercore
TC Electronic Powercore Virus
Fender Telecaster
ADK Vienna edition mic

Steinberg Cubase SX3
Eastwest Symphonic Orchestra Platinum
Eastwest Boesendorfer piano
Spectrasonics Stylus RMX
Spectrasonics Atmosphere
Native Instruments KOMPLETE 3
Korg Legacy Collection